Friday the 13th : One Hundred Years Ago

Today is Friday the 13th – superstition calls this an unlucky day. And so it was too, a century ago.

In this newspaper cartoon titled “The Bravest Man” from August 13th, 1915, we find two sharply-dressed men discussing a third man – First man: “He is the bravest man I know.” Second man: “Why?”.  First man: “He’s trying out his new saddle horse on Friday the 13th!”. Yes, a brave move indeed! Love the image of this man’s checkered suit complete with straw hat and cane.

Friday the 13th comics circa year 1915

Newspaper cartoon / comic from 100 years ago, August 13th, 1915. Gently poking fun at people’s phobias brought about by the Friday the 13th superstition!


And here is a real-life newspaper story from August 14, 1915 relating the tale of a Baltimore man who had a real “Hoodoo Day” for himself the day before, on Friday the 13th – found by the cops with his arms entwined about a lamp-post after getting drunk on 13 drinks, then thrown into the drunk tank and placed in cell number 13! Yikes. (The guy also happened to live at a number 13 address.)

Friday the 13th Hoodoo Day circa year 1915

Friday the 13th was a “Hoodoo Day” for one Baltimore man in 1915, a hundred years ago!


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