April Fools’ Day Holiday : One Hundred Years Ago

April Fools’ Day Nostalgia History Trivia

Drawing from the San Francisco Chronicle newspaper on Thursday April 1, 1915 – one hundred years ago today. Captioned “Don’t Believe Him. Today Is All Fools’ Day” (as they seemed to like to call the day then). Watch out for pranksters today!

April Fools' Day 100 years ago today

Today is All Fools’ Day so “Don’t Believe Him”, circa year 1915


A Poem, also published in the newspaper circa 1915. This piece of poetry is called ALL FOOLS DAY, and was published in a San Francisco Chronicle newspaper column called “Bits For Breakfast”. Relating typical pranks of the day like finding a purse on the ground only to have it pulled away by young boys via string, parcels that contain bricks, and funny phone calls. Judging by this poem, seems like most pranksters of the day were expected to be what this bit calls a “1st of April boy”.

All Fools Day Poetry year 1915

Bits For Breakfast, a Poem especially for you on the morning of April 1st, 1915.


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